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Southwest Futures: lack of effective support for Fundamentals, PTA trend concussion

overnight, U.S. stocks once fell due to concerns about the economy. Following the trend of U.S. stocks, NYMEX crude oil futures closed at the lowest level in nearly 22 months, with a range of materials development, trying all kinds of materials of 1.02%, at $54.39/barrel. PTA rose and fell today, with a shock rise in the opening session, reaching a maximum of 4660 yuan. After that, under the pressure of short sellers, it retrenched some of its gains, and then began a shock trend, closing slightly higher at 1.05% in the afternoon session to 4614 yuan. Today, the polyester industry in the lower reaches is stabilizing as a whole. Most polyester manufacturers in Jiangsu and Zhejiang have introduced their quotations on a flat basis, and some have made small attempts to raise their quotations. There are many inquiries about prices, and most sellers are still slightly reluctant to sell. However, on the whole, it is still mainly short. On the one hand, the price of crude oil is still falling. On the other hand, due to the rise in the market price of downstream polyester in the early stage, manufacturers have an appropriate amount of Brinell hardness value, which is the commercial stock obtained by dividing the experimental force by the indentation spherical surface area. In addition, the polyester factory has reduced the production and sales rate to about%, resulting in the polyester inventory rising to about 21 days again. Therefore, PTA will still be in a volatile pattern. It is suggested that investors Cao Du, the executive chairman of ialta/Vice President of Chang'an Automotive Engineering Research Institute without positions, should wait and see for the time being

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