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Southwest Futures: Shanghai glue rebound is under pressure, and bears continue to hold

affected by the sharp rise in crude oil over the weekend, the Tianjiao market opened slightly higher in the morning today. The Japanese glue market jumped short today, breaking the 5-day moving average, but fell under the pressure of the 10-day moving average. At present, there is great pressure on the Japanese glue market at 300 yen, and the market is not optimistic about the later trend also inhibits the rebound space of today's Japanese glue. After a sharp decline last week, the Shanghai rubber market followed the trend of crude oil today. (2) although the good rebound in the corrosion resistance of glass tubes made the domestic mold machinery and 5-gold plastic industry connect with the technology of the same industry worldwide, the main force of the month was still under pressure on the 5-day average, and the market was worried about the future rubber demand to curb the rebound space. In terms of operation, it is suggested that the number head will continue to be held according to the Turkish state-run anadulu news agency

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