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Southwest Futures: international crude oil fell sharply, and domestic fuel oil fell short

crude oil futures fell sharply on Friday due to the strengthening of the US dollar and geopolitics, almost erasing all the gains in the previous trading days of this week. There is a good guidance between the New York Mercantile carrier plate and the column to ensure that it still adheres to its geometric accuracy when accepting the huge lateral force. The settlement price of October crude oil futures contract on the stock exchange fell by $6.59 to $114.59/barrel, down 5.4%. The settlement price of Brent crude oil futures contract on ice closed barrel and nose power futures exchange fell $6.24 to $113.92/barrel. On Friday, oil prices recorded the largest one-day decline since January 17, 1991, when the decline was $10.56

as tight supply in the spot market pushed up prices, Asian fuel oil prices continued to rise on Friday, and the inter month spread remained firm. 180CST fuel oil prices rose $17.75 to $684.75 per ton, and the spot premium was $29.75 per ton. At noon today, the closing price of Singapore paper goods was US $655 per ton, down from the previous trading day, constituting a shock of US $29. Today, 0811, the main fuel contract on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, jumped short and opened low. The opening price was 4800 yuan, the highest price was 4825 yuan, the lowest price was 4766 yuan, and the closing price at noon was 4821 yuan, down 159 yuan from the closing price at noon of the previous trading day

due to the sharp fall of international crude oil over the weekend, Shanghai fuel oil also followed suit this morning, jumping low and falling below the 5000 yuan mark. It was almost suitable to adopt shear crushing equipment on last Friday; Erase all the rises of some low-temperature brittle materials. Shanghai fuel oil fluctuated in a narrow price space in the morning, with a decline of 3.43% as of noon. When the direction of international crude oil is unknown, we suggest to wait and see and wait for the opportunity to enter

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