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Southwest Futures: the limit fell in midday trading, Shanghai Rubber continued to decline

crude oil began to make a slight correction last night after 4 days of continuous sharp rise. The rubber market fell sharply under the dual pressure of its weak fundamentals and the decline of crude oil. The Japanese rubber Market comprehensively promoted the construction of a green manufacturing system, and fell rapidly after the opening of today. 300 Huaze cobalt nickel announced earlier that the integer level pressure could not be broken, and the market was still in shock and weakness. The Shanghai rubber market opened sharply lower today. The main force fell after falling below 20000 in the month, and most of the Shanghai Rubber contracts fell by the limit in the afternoon. At present, the weak natural rubber market, the shrinking demand of downstream industries and the continuous decline of spot market prices have suppressed the price of natural rubber. After falling below the 20000 integer level, Shanghai glue will still find new support downward. In the recent period of severe fluctuations in the financial market, Shanghai glue will continue to fluctuate and fall. Operational suggestions: appropriately establish a small number of short positions

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