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Southwest Futures: Shanghai Jiaotong continues to sort out, and temporarily wait and see

after the opening of the Japanese Jiaotong market today, the market fell after failing to break through 325 yen. After Jiaoda rose sharply in the tensile test of textiles and yarns last Sunday, Jiaoda made a correction this Sunday, and the market is waiting for new guidance news. Today, the Shanghai rubber market continued its weak and volatile trend last week, with an intraday consolidation around 23000. The main month was 0811, with a peak of 23095 and a minimum of 22865, and closed at 23020 in the afternoon. Elastic limit of this week( σ E) See that the elastic and anelastic spot market continued the rebound trend last week, with a contraction rate of 0.4% - 0.8%, and the international spot price rose slightly; Domestic 5 standard glue has always remained above 27000, but transactions are rare. At present, the trend of Shanghai glue is weaker than that of Japan glue. Shanghai glue maintains the shock consolidation pattern in the early stage. Suggestions: wait and see for new trading opportunities for the time being

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