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On July 21, the T-series product "type dynamic 2014 truck summer camp" hosted by China National Heavy Truck Sales Department opened in Jinan, and nearly 100 major customers, T-series product reputation customers, batch users and their families from all over the country gathered in Quancheng, Share happy times

the "model · dynamic 2014 truck summer camp" of SINOTRUK kicked off

this "model · dynamic 2014 truck summer camp" is the second summer camp activity carried out by sinotruk for users of T series products across the country. During the five-day event, there are both enterprise visits and scenic spots, so that user friends can experience the corporate culture of heavy truck and the local customs of Shandong while visiting and understanding heavy truck

Zhang Xiaodong, general manager of China National Heavy Duty Truck Sales Department, was at 3 At the launching ceremony of design indicators, it was said: "Howo-t7h is a new generation of high-end heavy truck that has been developed by sinotruk for more than three years, and has been carefully built by introducing, digesting and absorbing German Mann technology. It has been attracting attention at home and abroad since its listing. Its excellent reliability, economy, safety and environmental adaptability have brought considerable income and surprise to the majority of users, and also won the user friends as the largest and most influential in China and even all Asia Respected and favored by friends of international professional exhibitions. The sales department hopes that through this summer camp, the distance between sinotruk and end users will be further narrowed, and user friends will have a deeper understanding of SINOTRUK and howo-t series products. The ultimate goal is only one: to enable users to obtain more benefits and wealth. "

at the launch ceremony, Mr. Jin, from a logistics company in Changchun, Northeast China, told all user representatives about his experience in the use of heavy truck t5g products

Mr. Jin's logistics company is mainly engaged in commodity vehicle logistics. At the beginning of this year, the company plans to update the transportation vehicles. After considering the models of various brands, it finally chose the heavy truck t5g, and purchased 50 vehicles in batch at one time

"the reason why I chose heavy truck t5g at the beginning was not only its high price, but also its low fuel consumption and high safety." Mr. Jin told everyone, "we are specialized in the delivery of sedan cars, and we are very concerned about the quality of vehicles. The heavy truck t5g adopts a full set of European vehicle technology, which greatly ensures the progressiveness of products and vehicle quality, and the price is too generous compared with the millions of imported cars such as Mercedes Benz and Scania." Mr. Jin said that

the engine weight of heavy truck t5g is lighter than that of similar products, which is suitable for use in excess of the limit area and can well cope with the current weight charging implemented in China. Ultra wide economic speed band of RPM, minimum specific fuel consumption 197g/kw h。 "Light weight means more goods can be sold, and low fuel consumption means more fuel money can be saved, which is a real benefit." Mr. Jin said

after visiting the world's advanced modern vehicle and parts production line of SINOTRUK, some users said that they personally witnessed the whole process of high-quality heavy truck production and were sincerely proud of their choice and ownership of SINOTRUK's products. Ms. Fang, from a logistics Co., Ltd. in Fuzhou, told the author that she trusted China National Heavy Duty Truck very much. Since 2002, she has used heavy duty truck vehicles. Now, all 322 transport vehicles of their company have been replaced with China National Heavy Duty Truck products

sinotruk's "model · dynamic 2014 truck summer camp" kicked off

at the symposium, users had in-depth exchanges with relevant leaders of the sales department on their respective logistics and transportation environment, transportation conditions, vehicle usage and service conditions. Mr. Jin, from a Special Automobile Co., Ltd. in Shanxi, highly recognized the progressiveness of man series product technology. He said that his company has used nearly 500 Chinese heavy truck vehicles. After heavy truck launched man series products, they purchased more than 40 sets, including 6 T5 series products for Tibet line. He hopes to install desert filter elements on these vehicles to adapt to the particularity of Tibet. Mr. Hu from Chongqing believes that T7 does have many advantages, so he will purchase 20 sets this year on the basis of 10 sets purchased last year. He believes that the technical level of service stations around the country is somewhat uneven, and hopes that heavy truck can give intensive training to service stations with weak level. The leaders of the sales department carefully prepared for the flying of samples and the formation of new wear marks due to too much pressure, listened carefully and recorded in detail the opinions and suggestions of user friends, and gave timely answers to some problems on site

the most enjoyable part of this summer camp is the on-site car ordering preferential activities. Users who participate in the 2014 Summer Camp Activities and sign a car purchase intention agreement on site can also enjoy special preferential policies. After in-depth discussion and exchange, many users signed car purchase agreements on site, and the number of ordered cars reached more than 40

Mr. Huo, who is engaged in the transportation of dangerous chemicals from a Zibo economic and Trade Co., Ltd., told the author that through visits and exchanges, he had more trust in the products and services of heavy truck, so he ordered 17 more on the basis of 50 heavy truck tractors

Mr. Liu Hao from a Refitting Factory in Zhengzhou was also happy. After visiting the Qingdao Special Automobile Company of China National Heavy Duty Truck (hereinafter referred to as "the junior college") selected according to the maximum value, he immediately came up with the idea of cooperating with the heavy duty truck to develop a seafood storage and transportation vehicle. After communicating with the relevant leaders of the Sales Department and the junior college, he has preliminarily reached a cooperation intention. Mr. Liu said excitedly, "this trip is really worth it. There is a lot of market space for seafood storage and transportation vehicles. I believe this cooperation will achieve a win-win situation!"

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