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The 2014 work conference of China Packaging Federation was held in Beijing

the 2014 work conference of China Packaging Federation organized and held by China Packaging Federation was held grandly on March 4, 2014. The conference mainly focused on the reform ideas of China's packaging industry and the deployment of the main work tasks of China's packaging industry in 2014. The president of our university Fang presided over the conference on behalf of the Chinese President and delivered an important speech at the conference, In terms of reform ideas and work, many renewable resource recovery companies have said that they must put forward ten suggestions and eight work tasks for the reform of China International Contracting and Engineering Corporation

at this meeting, the Chinese president put forward ten suggestions and eight tasks for the reform of the China Packaging Federation. Mo2.5 among them, chipf2014 Beijing International Packaging Expo has been listed as the key work of this year. Beijing International Packaging Expo has been successfully held twice since 2010. The first exhibition has been evaluated as a large-scale, high specification, good effect and far-reaching exhibition by the leaders of the SASAC. The biennial packaging Expo has become a major event in the whole industry, which has been strongly supported by the local packaging Association, professional committees and many member enterprises. Through the successful holding of the two exhibitions, it has been recognized by national ministries and commissions, It has aroused strong repercussions in the society and received widespread attention, and was selected by the Ministry of Commerce as the only exhibition in the domestic packaging industry that has received key support from the Ministry of Commerce of the people's Republic of China. At the same time, it was listed in the list of guided and supported brand exhibitions in Beijing. In order to benefit more small and medium-sized exhibitors, the exhibition organizers made unremitting efforts to obtain national support funds for some exhibitors in the last exhibition. We will, as always, apply for subsidy funds for exhibitors in this exhibition to truly serve the industry and enterprises. During the meeting, participants from local packaging associations, professional committees, key enterprises and other participants put forward their own suggestions and opinions, actively participated in the discussion, and said that they would strongly support the exhibition, actively cooperate with this grand event in the packaging industry, and are determined to host the exhibition well

in order to better prepare for this exhibition, we have made adequate preparations in all aspects. From an international perspective, the international associations participating in the last exhibition came from relevant associations in the United States, Britain, Japan and other countries. In order to strengthen the international visibility of the exhibition, international associations, professional institutions and professional media from the UK, the United States, Japan, Italy, Sweden, Brazil and other countries are strongly invited to participate in the exhibition. Now, more than 70 international organizations have been contacted by email. In terms of publicity, we have carried out extensive publicity in more than 20 professional stations in the United States, Britain, Japan, Brazil and other countries in the international media promotion part, and have successively published hard advertisements in the magazines of packaging machinery and packaging technology in Japan. In 2013, the exhibition was promoted at Japan printing exhibition and Japan packaging machinery exhibition to expand the international popularity of the exhibition, so as to attract more international enterprises to participate in the exhibition. In terms of audience recruitment, on the basis of the successful organization of the buyer team in the last exhibition, this exhibition has invited procurement groups such as packaging machinery procurement group, Tianjin procurement group, Henan and Hebei procurement group, and Shenzhen International Trade procurement group, all of which are in the scale of 100 people. Among them, the VIP professional buyer group includes the world's top 500 enterprises, Mengniu, COFCO, JDB, Midea, Shuanghui, kraft, Shuanghe, sanshang CJ and other industry leaders. The members of the VIP professional buyer group are purchasing managers and supervisors. So far, a large number of visitors have pre registered on. In addition, we will invite relevant industry associations (such as dairy association, daily chemical association, Food Association, etc.) to participate in the exhibition

as a highlight of the exhibition, the concurrent activities have also attracted the attention of people from all walks of life. In this exhibition, various activities and rich meetings will be presented, which can provide a better exchange platform for exhibitors and visitors, and also promote the technological development and experience exchange in the industry. At the meeting, the Chinese president also proposed the distance between the markings? Most of the distances given by different standards have certain differences. As for the convening of the Eighth National Congress of the China Federation of packaging and logistics, 2014 is both the year of reform of the China Federation of packaging and logistics and the year of change of the organization of the China Federation of packaging and logistics. Therefore, some participants suggested that the two major tasks of this year be combined into one and held at the same time as the exhibition activities

under the leadership of China Packaging Federation, we will actively cooperate with local associations and professional committees, and firmly believe that under the leadership of China Packaging Federation, with the support and cooperation of local packaging associations and professional committees, 2014 Beijing International Packaging Expo will become a comprehensive event with richer introduction to internal testing machine measurement and control technology, better services, and more attention in the industry

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