The 2014 summit of the hottest open data center wi

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"Kai how to take a share in China's economic development in the next five years and put the data center 2014 summit" is about to be held

news on August 20, hosted by the open data center committee, the data center alliance, the cloud computing development and policy forum, and hosted by Alibaba, Baidu, Tencent, Chinatelecom, China Mobile, Intel, Inspur The 2014 open data center summit co hosted by Huawei and others will be held at the National Conference Center on August 29. The open data center committee, formerly known as Scorpio alliance, has added research content such as modular data centers. The original Scorpio alliance includes Alibaba, Baidu, Teng cast iron's tightening and destruction process and fracture shape news, Chinatelecom, China Mobile. Intel acts as a technical consultant, and its core research content is Scorpio's whole cabinet server. The open data center committee integrates Scorpio's entire cabinet servers, modular data centers and other research contents, aiming to build China's open platform and promote the development of the Internet industry and the standardization and industrialization of infrastructure

this conference will officially establish the open data center committee, release the Scorpio Full cabinet server technical specification version 2.0 for the first time, introduce the latest progress of modular data center, and invite many domestic and foreign experts such as F2, humidity: 30% - ⑼ 0% acebook, IEEE to share wonderful technology, as well as insightful analysis and outlook on data center technology and industry! Coming soon! It is estimated that by 2026, the total revenue of Paek 3D printing will be $1.181 billion

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