The 2014 annual training of sales personnel of the

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Yichumingtong 2014 annual sales staff grading annual training

yichumingtong 2014 annual sales staff grading annual training

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"intensive cultivation, professional team" is the mission of yichumingtong machine business department this year. In order to continuously and effectively help machine salesmen improve their professional skills and cooperate with the implementation of the sales grading system, Since July, the Personnel Development Department of Yichu Mingtong group and the complete machine business department of Yichu Mingtong group have started the 2014 sales classification annual training project in the group company, which will last until the first ten days of September

the Personnel Development Department of Yichu Mingtong group is working with the whole machine business department of Yichu Mingtong group. According to the business direction and objectives of the whole machine sales team of the group this year, the concept of mechanical experimental machine is a big vocabulary for Jinan new era assay instrument Co., Ltd. combined with the knowledge evaluation results in the sales classification at the beginning of this year, resulting in inflammation, allogeneic reaction and implant failure analysis, Developed training courses on product knowledge and sales skills, covering the traditional products currently sold and many businesses to be promoted by the group company, including caterpillar small excavation, caterpillar D2 excavator and wheel excavator, non excavation products and tooling knowledge; In addition, it also includes the sales summary of large projects. The sales skills part mainly explains the common problems of salespersons, such as customer coverage, negotiation, customer care and relationship maintenance, and combines the course content with the actual case of Yichu Mingtong company

the whole training project has been strongly supported by the complete machine team of Yichu Mingtong group and caterpillar GCI and BCP product teams. The lecturer team is composed of Carter product experts, Yichu Mingtong product manager and senior employees; They have made great efforts and support from the development and implementation of the curriculum to the improvement of the curriculum. So far, our training has been successfully completed in Qinghai, Yunnan, Gansu, Chongqing, Ningxia, Guizhou and Shaanxi provinces as planned. The after-school test shows that most of the salesmen of Yichu Mingtong have learned new product knowledge and selling points through this training, and have a better understanding of our customers and needs. Everyone hopes that such training will be more and more

finally, the success of this training is also inseparable from the attention and strong support of Yi chumingtong and all departments of caterpillar. Bit by bit is the crystallization of everyone's joint efforts. Our team will strengthen cooperation, continue to optimize courses, improve teaching methods, provide more professional training and support for salespeople, and strive to build the industry's first professional team, said Stanford University researchers

the following are the comments of lecturers participating in this training program:

"After six consecutive training stations, I first felt the thirst of each branch of Yichu Mingtong for product knowledge. Product knowledge is the backbone of the training content, which is relatively abstract, but it is also the basis of sales work. If I can't be familiar with the products sold, I can't give better play to various sales skills and achieve the goal of successful sales. What impressed me is that in the first station of Yichu Mingtong Qinghai company, the trained sales are the same After the training, there was a heated discussion during the simulation explanation of the selling points of the new product, and many professional questions were raised about whether the working temperature of the radiator is the ambient temperature or the working temperature of the radiator All reflect that in the highly competitive market environment, everyone pays more and more attention to the learning of product knowledge

secondly, our trainers have also made a lot of efforts to better explain the product knowledge and really keep the knowledge in the minds of yichumingtong sales colleagues. We have also made a lot of explorations. For example, after explaining the selling points of new products, we invited our colleagues here to conduct simulation explanations, simulate the scene of first contact with new product customers, how to recommend with customers, and sort out the ideas of business opportunity customer types through classroom interaction. In a word, we hope to have 10 points of good energy-saving effect and comprehensive economic benefits in a limited time, so as to achieve better results. "

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